Surface Dressing Kent aka chip and tar road surfacing

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Surface dressing kent

Signs that road surface dressing, chip, and tar may be required: Is your road surface showing cracks and weather and heavy use wear and tear? Road Surface Dressing in Kent is a quick and convenient method of rejuvenating the surface of a road, longer driveways into country houses, golf clubs, driveways, farm track, carpark or schools and country hotels which is beginning to show signs of fatigue, eliminating the need for tarmac replacement and reducing costs to the owner. Surface dressing, if applied correctly really does leave old driveways looking like new.

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What is surface dressing?

A hot bitumen emulsion is sprayed onto the road surface wither using handheld sprays or large lorries, followed immediately with an application of high quality, washed and graded aggregate. These are then rolled to ensure proper embedment of the aggregate into the binder. This provides an economical and water impervious seal with the added benefit of a much-improved surface texture that looks great when finished..

Established Road Surface Dressing In Kent and Barkshire

Road surface dressing is now a long-established road maintenance technique for repairing private roads, domestic and commercial roads as it provides the following benefits:

• A waterproof seal to the surface of the footpath or carriageway
• Enhances skid resistance of the surface by creating texture and depth
• Avoid the penetration of water and damage to the underlying foundations
• Enhances the appearance of the footpath or carriageway using its naturally-colored aggregates

surface dressing drivewaysHow is Surface Dressing aka chip and tar applied?

Surface Dressing applications are made using bitumen emulsion sprayers and aggregate spreaders. The object of surface dressing is to create a stable mosaic of chippings securely attached to the road surface; this provides a comprehensive seal to prevent the ingress of water into the road pavement and a fresh hard-wearing skid-resistant surface.

It can be used to treat both lightly and heavily trafficked roads and the proper choice and rate of application of materials is essential to ensure adequate performance. This is achieved by spraying the correct amount of bitumen emulsion onto the road surface followed by the appropriate amount of the correct sized chippings according to the softness of the road surface. Once you have established the hardness of the road surface, and you know the amount and type of traffic.

According to site conditions, it will also be necessary to consider the Polished Stone Value (PSV) and Aggregate Abrasion Value (AAV) of the aggregate source, and also the possibility of the use of an enhanced, polymer-modified, binder.

Cost benefits of surface dressing in Kent vs tarmacking

The cost is substantially lower than for traditional asphalt and tarmacadam surfacing.

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