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tarmac repair kentObviously, tarmac will eventually deteriorate thanks to the weather and heavy use, luckily we offer tarmac repair for carpark repairs, general tarmac repairs, driveway repairs, pothole repairs. We ensure the right material for the individual job and always quote at the best price.


Carpark Repairs in the East Kent, Deal, Canterbury, Sandwich, and surrounding areas Kent Coast Contractors can provide a variety of different Car Park repair services to both private and public sector clients. Our fully qualified and highly experienced workforce can carry out all repairs from small potholes to large scale car park resurfacing projects.


As one of Kents leading tarmac contractors, Kent Coast Contractors can carry out tarmac repairs for both commercial and domestic clients. Whether you need your driveway repairing or a large car park surfacing, we have the machinery and the skills required to provide work of the highest standard at very competitive prices.

We can supply a range of different materials, ensuring that we can cater for a range of specifications, such as size and budget parameters.


Over the years, your driveway will have to stand up to a significant amount of wear and tear from the vehicles that drive on it. The constant rain, cold weather, and then extreme high temperatures can affect the way it looks not to mentions the other problems that can occur.

Some of the materials used for driveways can crack, sink or just crumble away. This is why we offer our full driveway repair service to our customers in Kent. Our trained specialists can target the problem and then offer the perfect solution to all these problems.

A lot of driveway repair can be taken care of when/if you agree for us to resurface or block pave your driveway.


We specialise in quality pothole repairs to school playgrounds, main roads, car parks, factory yards, commercial premises, retail parks, and any other road and tarmac areas. With many years of experience, all of our "pothole contractor services" are carried out in a professional manner, within budget, to the highest of standards and with minimal disruption to the public and your business.

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Whether you just want Tarmac Repair with us filling in a few potholes or give your driveway a complete overhaul, there’s no better team of experts to call than us. Learn more about our extensive range of capabilities by calling us today.